Monday, February 17, 2014

"No Sew" Curtain Panel Shortening DIY

"No Sew" Curtain Panel Shortening can be done by just about anyone.  I say this because I do not sew well and I did one panel while my son took his noon nap.

I used:
  • IKEA white 95" curtain's 
  • scissors
  • Stitch Witchery, one roll (purchased at Joann Fabric's)
  • sewing pins
  • iron
Step 1: Measure and cut off the access material.  Fold and pin the area that you want your fold at the bottom.  Make sure you live material to fold and iron on the Stitch Witchery.
Step 2: Iron the fold to make sure the crease is where you want it. 
Step 3:  Add the Stitch Witchery inside your fold and pin again to secure the mess.
Step 4:  Iron again using steam for about 10 seconds. Use the directions on the box of Stitch Witchery. (Below are the instructions off the Stitch Witchery Roll I purchased.)

Step 5: roll material one more time, pin and iron on the Stitch Witchery one more time.  This is if you want a professional look.  (I skipped this step because my son got up from his nap and was crying.)

Step 6: Hang your curtain's.

I will be using a steamer to iron the curtains, but I have to wait until my son goes to sleep. 
I will be using the access material to "No Sew" on the new curtains that I bought which are about 5" too short. 

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